Empowering occupational therapy practitioners with a playbook of functional tasks to use with their geriatric clients


I am very excited to announce that I have created and launched a course about geriatric mental health for occupational therapy professionals! This is a topic I am passionate about and it is something that is particularly needed right now.

The course is hosted on Udemy, which allows you to work at your own pace, return to and access the course forever.

Because I believe that this content is SO IMPORTANT to get out to practitioners, I am trying hard to make this course affordable for clinicians. I’m promoting the course with a special price, available only if you use this link:


If you enroll, you will get 2.5 hours of content focusing mental health for a geriatric population for just $39.99. This includes information about the prevalence of mental health conditions, a description of common mental health conditions that affect older adults and their functional implications, theory to support your practice, assessment best practices and specific assessment tools that can be used to identify functional problems, information about evidence-based interventions, and documentation tips including goal writing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did you create this course?

  • I have been an occupational therapist for ten years, during which I have been a staff therapist and Director of Rehab in skilled nursing facilities. Over the years, I have noticed more and more of my clients have had symptoms of mental health conditions that have significantly impacted their quality of life and our therapy. As I looked for resources to help me develop the skills I needed to effectively assess and provide intervention for these clients, I was disappointed by the lack of resources available. Since I have been working on my OTD, I realized that I could use the skills and knowledge I am developing through my studies to create the course I wish I could have found. As the COVID-19 pandemic has developed, the mental health of my clients has become a more significant issue, which inspired me to create this class now. I sincerely hope that it can help other occupational therapy practitioners and students as they work to serve their geriatric clients.

How long will the promotional price be available?

  • The promotional price for this course will be available until 10/16/20 at 9:00pm PDT. Since I am hosting the course on Udemy, you can purchase now at the promotional price and complete it as you can. I will not be offering the course at this exceptionally low price again. If if this course can help you and your clients, I highly recommend you purchase now!

Is this course approved for CEUs?

  • I’ve worked really hard to create and prepare this course and get it out quickly because I feel like it is so urgently needed right now. I plan to apply to be an AOTA CE Provider, but I can’t stand the thought of waiting another day to get this content out to occupational therapy practitioners and their clients who need it now. For completing this course now, you can earn __ PDUs and you will receive a certificate of completion when you finish the course. Because I can only offer PDUs (not CEUs), I will offer this course at promotion rates. I will be raising the rates considerably when I receive approval to be an AOTA CE Provider so if you want to take advantage of the affordable promotional rate, I highly recommend that you do so now!

What are the course objectives?

  • After participating in this course, you will be able to:
  • Describe mental health conditions that are common among older adults and how these conditions can affect their functioning.
  • Understand how assessing and treating these mental health conditions fits within the scope of occupational therapy practice.
  • Describe a variety of occupational therapy theories that can be used to guide assessment and intervention of mental health conditions.
  • Identify several assessment tools that can be used to identify functional problems related to mental health conditions.
  • Implement evidence-based interventions to address mental health that are within the scope of OT practice.
  • Effectively document the services you provide, including writing goals to address functional problems related to mental health conditions.

This blog is mostly focused on cognition. Will you be creating any other courses, especially some that address occupation-based cognitive therapy?

  • If occupational therapy practitioners and students take this course and find it helpful, I would absolutely love to create more courses! I would like to do some courses around functional cognition and meaningful long-term care program. I’m also open to requests! If you have ideas for future continuing education courses or blog topics, please email me at otlaybook@gmail.com and I’ll start working on them!